🏆 MyVisa.World is a visa processing centre with its own language school in Phuket. We issue long-term visas and driving licenses. The official license to operate in Thailand is №01/2654.
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Thailand student visa in Phuket language school for only 43.000 THB

MyVisa.World visa service is the founder of a Thai language school in Phuket (license No. 01/2654 from the Ministry of Education). We offer a completely legal NON ED student visa with a validity period of up to 12 months and the possibility of its further extension.

Education visa in Thailand

Enrolling in a language school is the first step in the ED visa application process. Once your ED visa is issued, you will be able to:
  • stay legally in Thailand for up to 12 months;
  • open accounts in local banks;
  • apply for re-entry permit;
Our language school staff will prepare a complete set of documents for submission to the Thai Ministry of Education. We accompany you to the Department of Migration for visa application and renewal procedures. There is no need to understand the intricacies of filling out forms and applications, we take care of all this work.
❗️All services are provided on the basis of a contract. Our language school has a license to operate. We comply with all laws and regulations set by the Ministry of Education and the Thai government.

Application process

When applying for Thailand ED visa, there are a few important requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Department of Migration to be aware of:
  • You must have no more than three border runs in your passport in the last calendar year. To check if you can apply for a student visa, please send us a photo of your passport with all stamps of entry to Thailand.
  • The age limit to enroll in a language school is 49 years old. If you are older than this age, we recommend applying for a retirement visa.
  • Please note that in order to start the visa application process, you must have at least 16 days of authorized stay in Thailand in your passport. We organize border run for our students to renew their stamps.

The list of required documents

  • a copy of your passport (valid for at least 6 months / no more than 3 Border Runs per calendar year);
  • twelve 3x4 photos on a white background (can be taken at our school);
  • housing contract (or copy of blue book and homeowner ID);
  • several photos of your home:
  • the building, where you can see the name of the premises;
  • a photo next to the door showing the flat number;
  • if you live in a private house - a photo of the building with the address;
  • full-length photo inside the house/apartment;
  • 💰 Tuition and visa fees

    Without false modesty, we can say that we offer the best prices for education visas in Phuket. Language courses are also included in the price. You have the opportunity to take lessons and improve your knowledge of English, Thai or Chinese. Living and studying in Thailand isn't that what you dream of?
    Student visa + one-year language course

    * Price is in Thai Baht (THB). You can pay in 30 days installment with a 50% cash advance payment.

    Visa extension process

    Language school students in Phuket need to extend their ED visa 3 times a year. We will inform you in advance the date and time when you need to come to the immigration office. The cost per extension is from 3500 to 5000 THB and depends on the period of time for which the Department of Migration allows the renewal.

    Ready to apply for an ED visa? Click on the button and choose a convenient messenger. You can take photos of the required documents and send them to us directly in the chat. After checking, we will invite you to our school office in Phuket to sign the contract and clarify details.


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